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our studio


Throughout the day, an interaction of the light and the colored glass creates magical effects of movement and life saturated with countless shades of beauty. In our studio we can make stained glass of any style and in any technique. The possibilities are endless: from simple, geometric patterns to complex landscapes, floral ornaments, portraits and even the most sophisticated paintings of famous artists.


We specialize in stained glass created using an ancient technique based on hand painting the glass pieces and subsequently exposing them to high temperatures. The mixtures of pigments used for this technique are personally prepared in our studio according to old recipes jealously guarded over the centuries by generations of the stained glass masters. We especially recommend classic designs showing old architecture with floral ornaments full of unique beauty and style.


We are committed to timely delivery of our artistic work to clients in any country of the world. Upon an order we provide detailed information about the price and shipping costs.

our services

• Stained Glass in classic and modern styles
• Religious designs
• Landscapes
• Flowers and floral ornaments
• Architectural designs
• Exclusive ,one of a kind desigs
• Reproductions of famous art
• Company Logos
• Heraldry

Stained Glass Restoration

Our experience and dedication result in stained glass restorations of the highest quality and fidelity. Neither the age nor the technique required are obstacles for us in creating a perfect reproduction or restoration.


- Consulting regarding stained glass decoration of apertures
- Domestic and International Consignments
- Cooperation with interior designers, antique dealers, and architects
- Installation of stained glass on PVC windows
- Stained glass renovations and restorations
- Maintenance


For inquiries call:

Barbara & Pawel Jozefowicz: +48  604-326-958

E-mail: art.vitraux.studio@gmail.com




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